You might suffer from Dysania if you struggle to get out of bed

According to experts, those who find it hard to get out of bed may be suffering from dysania – a disorder which is yet to be medically recognized.

While some people may be attuned to waking up at the crack of dawn, many of us find it hard to rise early and wriggle out of our cosy duvets. Although staying curled up in your bed may not actually mean you are lazy, but it could be a serious mental health condition. Dysania is defined as someone having trouble getting up in the morning.

The disorder – if we may call it that – is also called clinomania, where the Greek word clino means bed and mania means addiction, which literally means “addiction to bed”. The people suffering from Dysania find it difficult to hop out of the bed regardless of their commitments and responsibilities in the outside world. However, an individual is unlikely to suffer from only Dysania. This condition is often related to mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

How do you figure out if it is Dysania or tiredness? According to lifestyle portal The Rise and Shine, when you feel getting up in the morning as “tiresome” or “frustrating”, it is laziness. And if you are unwilling to get out of bed and describe it as “stressful” or “overwhelming”, it may probably mean you are suffering Dysania.

The condition is, however, not yet recognized medically. But the people who claim to experience genuine panic at the thought of leaving their beds in the morning describe the disorder as real.

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